Dual Wall Drill Pipe

  • Type: Thread
  • Size: 4. 5” x 2.25”; 7” x 3.8” ;8.625” x 4.90” ;10.75” x 6.25”

A dual wall drill pipe(also known as Reverse-circulation drilling pipe) is a type of drilling pipe that has two walls or layers. The outer wall is used to contain the drilling fluid, while the inner wall is used to transport the drilling mud or other fluids to the surface. Dual wall drill pipes are commonly used in oil and gas drilling operations, as they provide a more efficient and effective way to drill deep wells. They are also used in water well drilling and other types of drilling operations where a dual-layered pipe is needed.

At Wiho Industrial, we pride ourselves on quality, that’s why we stand out by our Dual Wall Reverse Circulation Drill Pipe Line. We also offers a complete range RC – Saver subs, crossover Subs, fishing tools, back reamers and replacement components for your Dual Wall String.



Drilling pipe specification External diameter of outer pipe Wall thickness of outerpipe RSCModel
Conventional SG89/40  89 9.35/10  NC38
SG114/60 114 8.56 NC50
SG127/60  127 9.19/10 NC50
SG139 .7/70  139.7 10.54 51/2FH
SG146/90 146 10 51/2FH
SG168/100 168 10 Special Thread
SG178/110 178 11 Specia lThread
SG219/150 219 8.5 Special Thread
External flat


 WPSG73/32  73  9 Special Thread
WPSG89/40  89 9.35 Special Thread
WPSG114/60  114 8.56 Special Thread

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