Company Information

Wiho Industrial & Material Co. Ltd

Since 2006, Wiho has produced and served in the market of steel-related field through our knowledgeable and highly trained workers , we have been committed to providing complete and trustworthy solutions and products that play a important role in clients’ projects.

For there years, we’ve worked harder with many state-owned and private steel processing mills to provide you products with reliable quality and reasonable price and praised by the majority of customers which we worked long-term. We also have fast response logistics and complete after-sales service to solve your any problem. And that is why so many clients choose to work with us all the time.

Structual steel bar

Alloy Materials

We stock over 40 grades of low carbon steel, Manganese steel, Chrome-Nickel steel, Tungsten steel used for bearing, gear, tools, cutters, blades and high-temp grades and we ship worldwide!

Processing Service

Our experienced processing center offers custom cutting, polishing, grinding processing and quick delivery to meet diversified needs in each field.

Various Forms

We are here supplying you with high-quality inventory of more commonly requested forms and shapes, such as tubing, rod, bar and flats as well as requested non-standard shapes.

Got a problem or questions? Our customer service executive serves you to the fullest.