H13 Hot working tool steel


Standards: ASTM A681

Shape: Squares, Flats, Blocks, Bars

Size: Round bar 6.4mm-307mm;

Delivery condition: Annealed, Hardening, Tempering


H-13 is an air-hardening, 5% chromium hot working die steel. It has high hardenability and resistance to thermal cracking ability, good comprehensive properties of high tempering stability.and toughness in hot condition. H-13 is an excellent choice for a wide range of hot work tooling applications, typical applications including extrusion tools, pressure die casting tools,, forging dies, hot shear blades, stamping dies, plastic molds and other wear-resisting parts.


H13 Equivalent Material

H13 T20813 X40CrMoV5-1


SKD61 4Cr5MoSiV1


H13 Chemistry Composition

Fe C Cr Mn Mo V W
Balance 0.33 – 0.43 4.75 – 5.50 0.20 – 0.60 1.10 – 1.60 0.80 – 1.25 0.30 – 0.60



H13 Physical and Mechanical Properties

Density Tensile Strength Strength, Yield Elongation at Break Modulus of Elasticity
7.80 g/cc 1990 MPa 1650 9.0 % 210 GPA


H13 Hardness Rockwell C

Air or oil quenched and tempered at 705°C 28 – 30
Air or oil quenched and tempered at 650°C 39 – 41
Air or oil quenched and tempered at 565°C 51 – 53
Air or oil quenched and tempered at 510°C and 540°C 51 – 53


Wiho metals is a fully stocked and leading H13 steel manufacturer, supplier, exporters, distributors in the forms round bar, flat rod and squares. The tool steel products provide by us shall be fabricated from prime quality raw materials and is fully certifiable to industrial specifications like ASTM, SAE and ASME or other relevant standards. Wiho metals supply and stock a large inventory of ASTM 681 H13(T20813/ X40CrMoV5-1/1.2344/SKD61) bar, square for tool and dies applications. For more information on our extensive steel alloys inventory, please contact us or fill in the form below.

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