ASTM A213 Gr T9 Tubing

Specifications: ASTM A213 T5, ASME SA 213

Dimension: 1/8” to 24”

Wall thickness: SCH10 to 160

Length: 1m to 12m or Custom Length

Delivery condition:+NT

Application: Oil refinery, sugar, fertilizer, petrochemical, power generation (nuclear/thermal), boiler, pressure vessel and general engineering applications

WIHO metals is a leading alloy steel tube supplier and manufacturer, we supply ASTM A213 Grade T9 alloy steel pipe and their equivalent material for boiler systems in various sizes and specifications. If you are looking for this material, please contact us or get a quotation. Not only do we have all kinds of sizes, but we also have all kinds of sizes that are hard to find.


Grade T9 and P9 tubing

T9 and P9 steel pipe are included in ASTM or ASME suited for boiler superheater, reheater pipe, header and steam pipe under 600℃ in high pressure, ultra-high pressure and subcritical power station, nuclear power heat exchanger and oil cracking unit furnace pipe.

Both of them contain 9-Chromium-1 Molybdenum alloy, which offers very good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance with good high-temperature strength. Grade T9 specified in ASTM A213 which does Ferrite and Austenitic boiler superheater and heat exchanger seamless steel tube.


ASTM A213 T9 Tubing Equivalent Material

K50400  P9 12Cr9Mo X12CrMo91 STBA26 /


ASTM A213 T9 Pipe Chemical Composition

Grade C Mn P S Si Cr Mo
T9 ≤0.15 0.30-0.60 ≤0.025 ≤0.025 0.25-1.00 8.00-10.0 0.9-1.1

ASTM A213 T5 Tube Mechanical Properties

Material Tensile Strength (Mpa) Yield Strength (Mpa) Elongation(%) Hardness(HRB)
T9 ≥415 ≥205 ≥30 ≤85


Get ASME SA213 T9 High-Temperature alloy round pipe and hollow section with a variety of wall thicknesses or for more information on our extensive steel alloys inventory, please contact us or fill in the form below.

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