6262 Free-Machining Aluminum Alloy Bar

Size: 20 mm to 200 mm diameter.

Bar Finish: Cold Drawn

Supplied treatments: 6262 T6, T9

Specifications: ASTM B211, ASTM B221

Adding the element lead, tin, or bismuth to Al-Mg-Al alloys can also improve their cutting performance. Al-mg-mn alloy 6262 has excellent machinability and corrosion resistance, anodizing oxidation process performance and strength than 2011 alloy, sometimes can be used in place of 2011. It can be strengthened through heat treatment, in T9(solid solution quenching + artificial aging + cold deformation) temper has extremely strong tensile strength and yield strength but the strength is low, can be used for optical instruments and weak current system components, fasteners, valves and pistons.


6262 Aluminum Alloy Equivalent Material

UNS  A96262

ASTM 6262



6262 Aluminum Alloy Physical Property

Density: 2.72 g/cm3, or 170 lb/ft3.

Electrical conductivity: 44% IACS.

Young’s modulus: 69 GPa, or 10 Msi.

Thermal expansion: 21.8 μm/m-K.


6262 Aluminum Alloy Chemical Composition (weight %)

Si Fe Cu Pb Cr Bi Ti Mn Mg Al
0.4 to 0.8 0.7 0.15 to 0.40 0.4 to 0.7 0.04 to 0.14 0.4 to 0.7 0.15 0.15 0.8 to 1.2 94.7 to 97.8


6262 Aluminum Alloy Mechanical Property

Temper Proof Strength(MPa) Tensile Strength(MPa) ElongationA50 (%) Hardness,Brinell HB
T6 240 260 8 Min % 75


Wiho metals is a fully stocked and leading Free-machining metal manufacturer, supplier, exporters, distributors of steel mill-product in the forms of tubing, bar and rod. The steel products provide by us shall be fabricated from prime quality raw materials and is fully certifiable to industrial specifications like ASTM and ASME or other relevant standards. Wiho metals supply and stock a large inventory of 6262 aluminum alloy( UNS A96262) round bar in accordance with ASTM B211 used for free-cutting applications. For more information on our extensive copper alloys inventory, please contact us or fill in the form below.

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