Single Carcass Floating Hose

  • Type: Floating
  • Internal diameter: 6” to 24”
  • Design pressure: 15, 19 and 21 bar
  • Inner lining material: Nitrile, HNBR and Viton
  • Length(Max.):  Up to 12.2 m
  • Applications: Crude oil and oil production

Carcass Floating Hoses are a reliable and durable solution for exposed offshore installations. They are constructed from a spiral-reinforced tube and cover layers. these hoses can be installed with a single mooring system and are also useful for the transportation of oil or gas on board a ship, also allow for flexible connections to CAM, SALM offloading, EPSO, FSO tandem offloading configuration and other oil transport systems. They are also designed with service-appropriate inner linings to ensure the safe, reliable and quality transfer of fluids.

A floating Single carcass hose is used to connect the tanker ship’s manifold and the floating hose string, and is designed for special end connection applications in highly integrated surface installations such as FPSO, FSO Tandem offloading system. They are built with one carcass (steel cords reinforcements and steel helix body) and floating material (foam cell) in order to guarantee a certain reserve buoyancy depending on the positions and the function they’ve within the hose string. WIHO industrial is a manufacturer and supplier of Single Carcass Hose comply with GMPHOM and is manufactured under ISO certification. The hose we provide is made of multiple plies of high-performance steel and rubber materials suitable for work in extremely rough conditions in long-lasting applications.


Gerneral Speficicaions



Size: 6” to 24” Body: Nitrile, HNBR and Viton
Working Pressure: 15 or 19 or 21 bar Flange type: ASME B 16.5 class 300 lb or 150 lb, WN FF or RF
Flow velocity: max. 21 m/s Standard Flange material:  ASTM A105N / Hot dip galvanized
Fluid Temperature -20 – 82°C Nipple material: ASTM A106N gr. A/B or equivalent

Types We Can Do

Customized Type:

  • 51110 end reinforced half floating hose
  • 51120 Controlled buoyancy floating hose
  • 51130 main line floating hose
  • 51140 mainline half floating hose
  • 51150 reduced floating hose
  • 51160 tail floating hose
  • 51170 tanker rail floating hose
  • 51180 end reinforced high buoyancy floating(First off FPSO to support ERC) hose
  • 51190 ST END reinforced high buoyancy floating(Shuttle tanker connection to support HEV) hose

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