Roof Mounting Bracket

  • Applications: Tile roof, Tin roof, Concrete roof
  • Material: Aluminum 6065
  • Designed snow load: 70kg/m²
  • Designed wind load:40m/s, level 13, 32.5kg/m²

Roof mounting is the most common and cost-effective kind of solar panel mounting, which the solar panels fix directly to the roof. This type of solution provides excellent ventilation to your panels and optimal performance. Roof mounting is less expensive than ground mounting and uses a building’s existing structure as a foundation, which makes it more affordable. Choosing the right Solar panel roof mounting brackets for your residential roof is crucial to maximizing your energy output, a good racking system should be able to handle the load of your solar array and also be able to withstand a range of weather conditions, keeping it steady during the day.

There are many types of roofs to consider when mounting your solar panels, but the most common are asphalt shingle and metal roofs. Both of these roof types are easy to mount using special brackets that attach to the surface of the shingles. The metal hooks are drilled directly into the rafters of the roof and vertical rails run across the hooks, to which your Solar PV panels are clamped. Some of these mounts are designed to be adjustable, so you can adjust the position of your panels to get the most sunlight possible.

It is recommended the minimum clearance between the PV module(s) and the roofing material must be at least 10 cm.  The module mounting structure should be supported on top of a pole at least 50 cm long or fixed with supporting angles at four positions and anchored to the building or to the under-roof beam structure and not to the roofing material. You can also choose to mount your panels without drilling, which is a great option for individuals who may not be very handy or don’t have access to the proper tools.

All-aluminum Roof Support

Applications: Flat, sloping ground or rugged terrains, fishpond, coastal areas.
Material: All- aluminum
Designed snow load: 70kg/m²
Designed wind load:40m/s, level 13, 32.5kg/m²

Tile Roof Mounting

Tin Roof L Feet Mounting

Tin Roof Standing Seam Clamp Mounting

Tin Roof Railless Mounting

Tin Roof Trapezoidal Mounting

Tin Roof Adjustable Mounting

Roof Mounting Bracket Supplier

WIHO industrial is a leading metal products supplier and manufacturer in China. Our steel products are designed to help solar installers achieve the highest possible output from their solar panel mounting system when we stepped into the field of solar energy systems. This includes a strong base, curved profile, and innovative design to help you save time and reduce your overall installation cost on installation. We process and supply the roof support bracket with the lightweight material aluminum alloy 6063/6005. We can also manufacture a variety of stainless steel components for your solar mounting system. These include a stainless steel solar panel racking track, the best solar mounting hardware, and other essentials to ensure your solar project runs smoothly.

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